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back, indeed

13 November 2008 Leave a comment

I’m in Lyon again, since a couple of hours.

It sounds always strange to start again talking in French. I love the french sounds, but the Italian-French transition is always noticeable.

Coming back, I’ve read a couple of things I have heard of during the vacations. PyHP, for example (see And “Sub-classing GObject in Python” (

Well, I’ve also read and some other news, but, you know, it’s the crisis.

I think that now, I’m able to go to bed. BTW, Thanks for the Bagna Caoda, Davide.


how to install gtksourceview2 on windows

8 October 2008 1 comment

download and install all the following components:

gtk runtime installer (easier than take all the binaries and put them together)

gtksourceview2.4 binaries for win32
put them in the gtk runtime lib folder (or somewhere in your path)

pygtksourceview2 installer for win32

libxml2, latest version binaries (really take the latest version)
put them in the gtk runtime lib folder (or somewhere in your path)

ok, now you can take the code in the previous post and execute it successfully.

up-to-date sample code for gtksourceview2 (from the svn)

8 October 2008 Leave a comment
#DEPENDS: gtksourceview2 and libxml2
import gtk
import gtksourceview2
win = gtk.Window()
bufferS = gtksourceview2.Buffer()
manager = gtksourceview2.LanguageManager()
language = manager.get_language("xml")
view = gtksourceview2.View(bufferS)
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news from the SVN

3 October 2008 Leave a comment

this week’s edition of “news from the SVN” follows:

– XMLFinder: a graphical xpath evaluator (PyGTK)
– XMLFindTool and XMLTreeView: two classes which implement the Gino and XMLFinder cores; XMLFinder uses both the classes
– something doesn’t work in the CompressedFile class; under investigation

no binary distributions of these tools are provided, for now

notice: we have moved, once more. this blog is now available also on

Filesystem Changes Monitor (FSCM) 0.1

19 September 2008 Leave a comment

The filesystem changes monitor (fscm) is a systray applet which allows you to inspect a set of filesystem entities for changes. when any change is detected, it changes its appearance.
it’s the ideal companion for a quality assurance engineer who wants to be notified upon the creation of new memory dumps/exceptions stacks/logs updates/etc.

It has hit the svn yesterday. It’s available for download from As usual, it is licensed under the GPL.

It uses icons found on the net (no license found for these icons), a systray icon code based on pywin32 (found on the net this too, no license as well), and pygtk. The watchdog code is mine, I haven’t found anything suitable.


  • etools project §
  • fscm download page §

Gino 0.2

29 August 2008 Leave a comment

Gino 0.2 has hit the SVN. (What’s Gino?
It is delivered with a nice With the help of py2exe, it is possible to make it a windows binary, easily portable.
The next steps? fix some(many) bugs, and prepare a Inno setup to deploy it.

If you want to try it, you can get the sources from ( (What are the etools?

This project has been written with eclipse and pydev extensions. It isn’t clear which kind of license it will use, yet.