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how to create a glade store

29 October 2008 Leave a comment

unfortunately, guys at pygtk haven’t thought about a solution about making persistent GUIs. This means that, at your next graphical application restart, you will get the initial window size and settings. And with initial, I mean the design ones.

In the last few days, I have developed a small class to store sensible informations: gladeStore. This class is instanciated just on the application ‘destroy’ event, and its job is to save all the listed properties for all the widgets belonging to your application.

It works without problems on a small test application. I will be bughunting on Gino the next few days.

BTW: Gino interface has been redesigned just today. And XMLTreeView supports the ‘tail’ of XML nodes, for the sake of completeness 🙂


developing with Glade

15 July 2008 Leave a comment

wow. wonderful.

these are the first thoughts after the implementation of a couple of widgets, on a simple and sample Gtk.Window.

First of all, Glade allows the separation of interface and code.

Glade enables you the design of a GUI. Eclipse, or your favourite Python IDE, eanbles you the implementation of the methods connected to the widgets’ signals.

For the first time, I feel able to develop rapidly and efficiently using free (as in free speech) tools.


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