[OT] cmd is the base of windows programming

12 January 2009 Leave a comment

press windows+R, type cmd, then Enter. ok, you’re now entering the cmd shell. welcome to the heart of the windows, the real place where things that matter happen.

do you want something fast, working everywhere, fast to write? learn dos syntax.
where do you think programmers will invest, once they’ve to choose their formation? python, or cmd?
which solution do you think they will choose, when having to decide whether to use an object oriented, smart and fast to learn language, or the practical, feature-less and dirty cmd?
ok. you’ve all the questions, and you’ve THE answer.

well, once you’ve got your cmd shell, type python. (http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.6.1/python-2.6.1.msi)

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news from the svn

21 November 2008 1 comment

well, the week is at its end 🙂

the last week end and the last few days have seen a set of commits. these included a new gino, featuring the cut/copy and paste 🙂

the study of this new feature allowed me to discover gtk.builder, gtk.uimanager, gtk.accelgroup and the management of signals in gtk.

I’m very proud to say that I can now subclass a gobject to add to it new properties and signals, and accessorily also accelerators 🙂

on the bad side, this also means that I will soon be obliged to rewrite some parts of Gino, which isn’t completely gtk.builder-compatible.

In the last few weeks I also started to read “Programming C# 3.0”, from O’Reilly. I find the portability of softwares really interesting, so approaching the .NET framework (as well as the Mono one) will be my next step.

Once a time (not a so long time ago) I wasn’t one of the fanatics of Gnome, and today I’m still greatly critic about the softwares which compose the Gnome desktop environment. But I admire Miguel de Icaza and some other Ximians, for the efforts they’re making to improve the Linux system.

So, with many attentions, I’m saying today that.. software develops in a way much more faster than rivalities. To have an open-minded approach can be helpful.

Thinking about what pushed me to restart coding make sme smile. Just today I have downloaded again IronPython. 🙂

Have a good trip in the net.

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back, indeed

13 November 2008 Leave a comment

I’m in Lyon again, since a couple of hours.

It sounds always strange to start again talking in French. I love the french sounds, but the Italian-French transition is always noticeable.

Coming back, I’ve read a couple of things I have heard of during the vacations. PyHP, for example (see pyhp.org). And “Sub-classing GObject in Python” (http://www.sicem.biz/personal/lgs/docs/gobject-python/gobject-tutorial.html).

Well, I’ve also read LeMonde.fr and some other news, but, you know, it’s the crisis.

I think that now, I’m able to go to bed. BTW, Thanks for the Bagna Caoda, Davide.

thursday evening, before a travel

7 November 2008 Leave a comment


not really work subjects this evening. rather a travel depart. going back to italy, since the 11th November’s a memory day.

The luggage’s not yet ready, but let me talk you about last updates. Gino’s changing, and it now includes a Gtk.Builder support. Yep, not yet working, but right in progress.

I could talk about the gtksourceview now included in the interface. I could talk about XMLFinder, which evaluates your favourite xpaths for a given document. I would also come back to the gladestore, a fine concept, but already old. Today, I would like to change in favour of pickle, for example. and add some features to the store.

well, I must admit, the mind travels so far, and in a faster way than fingers. I cannot find so much time to complete Gino.

the next days I will be probably writing a couple instruments (cmd shell, and python again) to help a colleague to put patches onto production servers. question of improving time usage. oh, time losses.

See you in Alba, the next week end 😉

and.. allez St Etienne! 🙂

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how to create a glade store

29 October 2008 Leave a comment

unfortunately, guys at pygtk haven’t thought about a solution about making persistent GUIs. This means that, at your next graphical application restart, you will get the initial window size and settings. And with initial, I mean the design ones.

In the last few days, I have developed a small class to store sensible informations: gladeStore. This class is instanciated just on the application ‘destroy’ event, and its job is to save all the listed properties for all the widgets belonging to your application.

It works without problems on a small test application. I will be bughunting on Gino the next few days.

BTW: Gino interface has been redesigned just today. And XMLTreeView supports the ‘tail’ of XML nodes, for the sake of completeness 🙂

how to create/share a directory over a SMB network, using the command line

14 October 2008 Leave a comment

@echo off
if x%1x==xx goto usage
if +%2+ == ++ goto usage
if +%1+ == +/?+ goto usage
if +%1+ == +?+ goto usage
md %1
net share %2=%1 /grant:Everyone,FULL
CACLS %1 /E /G Everyone:F
goto end
echo salut mon gars, ce script va creer le dossier que tu passe comme premier paramètre
echo et le partage sur le reseau (pour Everyone) avec le nom que t'as passé comme deuxième paramètre.
echo exemple:
echo cescript.bat c:\totocaca totocacapartage

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how to install gtksourceview2 on windows

8 October 2008 1 comment

download and install all the following components:

gtk runtime installer (easier than take all the binaries and put them together)

gtksourceview2.4 binaries for win32
put them in the gtk runtime lib folder (or somewhere in your path)

pygtksourceview2 installer for win32

libxml2, latest version binaries (really take the latest version)
put them in the gtk runtime lib folder (or somewhere in your path)

ok, now you can take the code in the previous post and execute it successfully.