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runner2 – ready to use

runner2 is ready to use.

runner2 is an engine to execute operations defined in an XML recipe.

it executes your operations according to their priority (priority is an attribute of each operation node). runner2 fires the operations at the same priority level at the same time, then waits for the completion of each operation in the same priority level before the switch to the next priority level.

no importance where your operation nodes are on the XML tree: runner2 will find them. make only sure that you’ve filled their priority.

runner2 logs all the actions taken, and it prints out a nice-to-see report. and if you don’t want to see the report, you can simply save it to an sqllite file.

it is easily extensible, and quite difficult to break. (the engine code is separated from the extension code.) the extension code can be written in python.

I could as well tell you that Runner2 is an automatic tests engine, or an installer, or a software deployer. Or all this at the same time. But that’s not me that will say that. It’s you. 🙂

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  1. Ivo
    14 August 2009 at 14:10

    the next step is to use a real world scheduling library, instead of my homemade one. I’m thinking to libev, for example.

    if somebody wants to participate to the poll, feel free to give me an advice 🙂

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